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CHECK OUT the New NGDS CLASSIFIED AD SECTION! Posting and viewing ads is EASY. Browse our list of classified ads and post one. Looking for employment? Want to sell a piece of equipment? It's EASY to use. Knowing who you're doing business with makes a difference...

Classified Ad Disclaimer
Considering the real-time nature and volume of traffic on this website, The NGDS cannot review ads or confirm the validity of information posted. Buyer Beware and due diligence is recommended before purchases are made from any Classified ad. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for detailed rules and disclaimer information. Any user who feels that any posted ad is objectionable is encouraged to contact the NGDS immediately by email.

Parties posting ads are responsible for the accuracy and content of their ads. Posting false or misleading information will result in removal of your privilege to post classified ads. The NGDS reserves the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a formal subpoena arising from any fraudulent act committed by the user with regard to a classified ad.